Use Cases

Increase venue safety through automated occupancy tracking

Successful social distancing within a venue or other public space comes down to occupancy control.

We’ve seen many venues – supermarkets and high street retailers for example – implement a one-in-one-out strategy, where a member of staff stands at the entrance to control the flow of visitors in and out of the store. This ensures they do not exceed their maximum ‘venue density’ and it gives everyone inside the best chance of being able to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Recording this data manually is not ideal, nor efficient. Not only are many businesses having to employ additional members of staff to assist, but it’s slowing things down – impacting the customer experience – and human error means mistakes are inevitable. There are also GDPR and other data privacy regulations to consider, especially if venues are collecting personal data for contact tracing. Is the data collected being stored correctly and securely?

Accurate occupancy tracking

Automatically track visitors in and out of your venue

Count the number of visitors entering and exiting your venue with up to 98% accuracy through connecting compatible hardware, such as access points or sensors, with our analytics platform. This data is fed into a dashboard within the Purple platform which you can use to keep a close eye on visitor numbers in real-time.

Trigger safety alerts

Get alerts directly to your device when visitor numbers are getting high

Set up alerts that trigger when visitors’ numbers are getting close to reaching capacity so you know when you need to take action to control visitor flow and maintain a safe working environment.

Anonymous data collection

Complete peace of mind for you and your visitors

Whether you connect access points, Bluetooth beacons, or sensors with our analytics platform for occupancy tracking, all of the data collected is completely anonymous giving you and your visitors complete peace of mind.

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