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Use Cases

Use data to support rental fees

Venue owners want the most for their money, justify your rental fees using a wealth of data analytics to make informed and detailed decisions.

Location heatmap to understand how visitors use your venue

Location heat-maps

View important data in an easy to view manner

Understand your venue hotspots with our simple to view heat-map. Purple allows you to report the amount of foot traffic that goes to certain areas and stores. From the footfall data, you are able to distinguish the busier parts of your venue from the less busy parts and find out why.

Understand your venues bounce and interaction rate

Presence analytics

Understand the who and when

Use data to understand where visitors are spending most of their time, allowing you to validate opening new locations within a venue. Drill down even further to understand who these people are (age, gender, social likes, etc.)

Capture data insights

Justify rent offerings

Use data to determine rent offers

As and when space becomes available in your shopping complex, you want to be able to offer a reasonable and fair rent. Using the data collected on footfall and key demographics you can provide evidence in your offerings as to why the price is what it is.

Keep tenants up to date

Use gathered data to back up the increase of rent

When you come to renew or review a tenant’s rent you can use the data collected as a justified business reason for an increase of rent. Using records of footfall, dwell and high traffic you can justify higher spend by data-backed conclusions.

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What do our customers say?

Before installing Purple, a large shopping center based in the UK was struggling to make rent decisions for their spaces. The shopping center was losing tenants at an alarming rate due to businesses being unable to pay the rent and the mall couldn’t occupy new tenants quickly enough. 

As a result of having Purple installed for 6 months, the mall can see when footfall to one of their most important tenants is low, they can run campaigns in the mall to drive footfall to them. The mall owners can now see that footfall has increased in a certain area they can use that data to justify an increase in rent. When the mall now has empty spaces to fill they are able to use the data from the Analytics Report to pitch the space to new customers with a justifiable rent offering. 

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