Make money on your guest WiFi investment

Interstitial video

Promote your latest products and offers

Feature youtube style video ads within your guest WiFi access journey that guests are required to watch for a custom number of seconds to drive awareness and uptake of new products, services and offers.


Splash page advertisement

Place ads in your access journey

Display static content throughout your WiFi access journey to drive awareness and ensure your offers and promotions are front of mind.

Website redirects

Redirect customers to your website for more information

When connected, redirect customers to a page on your website about your current incentives. You could even redirect them straight to your loyalty sign up page, or to download your app.

Tiered bandwidth

Charge directly for WiFi access

Offer 5, 10, 15 minutes of free WiFi, before redirecting customers to a purchase page. Completely customize your time limits and how much you wish to charge.


Deliver next level communication

Send personalized marketing messages in real-time to customers in your venue. Trigger messages based on specific customer demographics and behaviors.

What do our customers say?

McDonald’s Belgium have used Purple’s custom splash pages to advertise a number of promotions and encourage app downloads.

“Advertising via Purple’s splash pages has contributed to a level of increased visibility across a number of different campaigns. Most significantly, we have seen a sharp increase in app downloads linked to specific campaigns, in which the campaign visibility was emphasized on the splash pages.”

“Not only does Purple provide a strong and consistent connection for our users, but it allows us to collect key customer data via a captive login portal which we are using to build better customer profiles and understand their needs. We can also re-target customers with ease through specific marketing campaigns tailored to their interests and buying requirements. We expect this personalized marketing will lead to an increase in conversions across campaigns.”

Ségolène de Chestret
Digital IT Specialist – McDonald’s Belgium

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