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Use Cases

Measure business performance by venue

Analytics enables a business to look at company level performance as well as individual venues, making it easy to quickly identify high and low performing venues.

Measure performance by venue

Business analytics

Company level analytics provide a snapshot of your top-performing venues.

Using our WiFi analytics software at a company level, you can take a look at how all your venues/stores are performing. With this information you can take a look at top-performing store/venue and begin to take a deeper look into why they are performing better than the others, possibly replicating practices from one venue to another, improving overall business efficiency.

Understand your venues bounce and interaction rate

Measure footfall

Get precision data on the number of people walking by and entering your venue

WiFi analytics will help you collect data using insights into high footfall areas, allowing you to maximize product/promotional placements.

Understand how customers interact with your venue

Understand customer dwell time

Insight into how customers interact with your venue

Higher the dwell time, the more likely a customer is to engage with a brand and make a purchase right? Using our analytics dashboard you can you can monitor dwell time, providing the insights you need to make informed decisions such as product placement and in-store adjustments.

Capture data insights

Centralized dashboard

All data collected via guest wifi sits in an easy to view format

Purple boasts a centralized dashboard, where you can build detailed customer profiles, enabling you to understand your customers more and make more data-informed business decisions.

Understand marketing campaign success rate

Understand campaign success rate

Measure the interaction rate of your SMS and email marketing campaigns

Understanding how effective your ongoing and previous campaigns have been is key to optimizing them in the future. SMS and email campaign interaction rates can be monitored using Purple’s centralized dashboard feature.

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What do our customers say?

A large multichain hospitality business wanted to more efficient by reporting on the venue by venue activity more frequently, instead of waiting for monthly stake-holder meetings.

Using business analytics to measure key insights into individual venue performance, the business was then able to understand and replicate the best-performing venues practices and procedures in an effort to increase revenue across those not performing to such a high standard, seeing an average 13% growth in quarter on quarter revenue growth across all venues.

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