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Use Cases

Measure your Net Promoter Score

Track visitor satisfaction and increase your revenue, since the outbreak of coronavirus visitors are more conscious of satisfaction scores.

Encourage NPS visitor feedback

Benchmark your high-performing estates

Use NPS to see which locations across your estate offer the best service

NPS can be used to see across an estate to benchmark the customer satisfaction of individual locations. Businesses can look at their top-performing locations and identify what these locations are doing differently compared to lower-performing ones. These insights can be used to bring lower-performing locations up to the standard of the higher-performing ones, helping to improve visitor satisfaction.

Encourage valuable customer feedback

Turn detractors into advocates

Identify the reasons for poor customer satisfaction

NPS can be used to help identify customers that are dissatisfied. Visitors who leave an NPS score can be contacted to uncover the reasons for their negative experience. Actions can then be taken to ensure that similar experiences don’t affect other customers in the future, helping to increase overall customer satisfaction.

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What do our customers say?

A national restaurant chain has an estate of 400 venues. Before implementing Purple they had no way of collecting customer feedback in a cost-efficient and effective manner. Since the introduction of Purple, they now have the ability to send an NPS survey to all customers within 24 hours of leaving one of their venues. 

They used these NPS scores to benchmark venue performance across their estate. This has allowed them to identify what high performing restaurants are doing differently to lower scoring ones and as a result implement changes across the estate. This has led to their average TripAdvisor ratings across their estate increasing from 3 stars to 4.5 stars.   

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