Use Cases

Optimize your venue layout

Location heatmap to understand how visitors use your venue

Optimize product placements

Purple Location uses mobile ‘signals’ to understand how your visitors move around your venue.

Use our Geofencing technology to create zones in your venue for specific offers, such as a new clothing range or a food stall and understand traffic.
Data is then fed into the Purple analytics engine, where you can optimize your venue layout based on real-time information and what purchases customers are considering.

Understand your venues bounce and interaction rate

Measure occupancy rates

Real-time measurement of all devices in a venue

Purple Presence gives businesses a complete snapshot of all visitor devices that come into contact with the venue’s WiFi network.
Presence measures your venue’s bounce and conversion rates and with advanced reporting, allowing you to measure the busiest time of day and duration times. the insights produced enable businesses to make smarter decisions within their physical space.

What do our customers say?

A leading UK shopping mall was looking to understand the movement of customers and how they could organize communications and personnel to extend customer visiting times.

Through the implementation of Location and Presence, the mall operator was able to understand customer bounce rates and areas of high dwell time. As a result, they were able to improve on-site customer communications at the entrance and target areas of low dwell time with additional features that drove customer interest.


In addition, the operator utilized LogicFlow to target customers in specific areas of the mall to fill in micro surveys as to what they felt could be improved in those areas.

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