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Use Cases

Optimize your venue layout

It matters where products are placed, correct placement drives impulse buys and increases businesses’ overall revenue.

Location heatmap to understand how visitors use your venue

Optimize your space

See your most popular entry points, where visitors dwell and how they move through your venue

Use the data collected via Purple’s compatible hardware to optimize your venue layout. Drive impulse buys by placing products where your customers dwell and improve store window layouts at your most densely populated entry points to encourage passersby to enter and spend.

Understand your venues bounce and interaction rate

Accurate presence data you can rely on

Get insight into how your visitors move around your venue

Purple’s presence and location data give detailed insight into visitor footfall, pathways, dwell, and more. Depending on the accuracy of data required by the venue, Purple offers presence and location data via WiFi (up to 75% accuracy), 2D sensors (up to 85% accuracy), and 3D sensors (98% accuracy).

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What do our customers say?

A leading UK shopping mall was looking to understand the movement of customers and how they could organize communications and personnel to extend customer visiting times.

Through the implementation of Location and Presence, the mall operator was able to understand customer bounce rates and areas of high dwell time. As a result, they were able to improve on-site customer communications at the entrance and target areas of low dwell time with additional features that drove customer interest.


In addition, the operator utilized LogicFlow to target customers in specific areas of the mall to fill in micro surveys as to what they felt could be improved in those areas.

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