Prevent the misplacement of assets

Ensure your equipment and assets are findable and functional when required to maintain a great customer and patient experience.

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asset tracking

Immediate location of assets

10-20% of a hospital’s inventory goes missing or is misplaced every year, causing a reduction in patient care quality as assets are unavailable when needed. Asset tracking in real time enables the immediate location of assets.

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Location Alerts

With 16% of searches for assets in healthcare facilities ending in a failure to find equipment, this results in wasted time and a reduction in patient experience. With geofencing, staff can be notified as soon as an item leaves or arrives at a specific area to ensure it is not misplaced and to help prevent theft.

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Reduce medication shrinkage

The cost of wasted drugs annually in the US is approximately $800million leading to huge cost inefficiencies. With location alerts and asset tagged medication bags or drug transporting trolleys, staff can monitor the entire medication journey, reducing the risk of waste or theft so that drugs are available when patients require them.

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