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Use Cases

Keeping your network secure

Have peace of mind that guests don’t have the ability to visit potentially harmful sites that could lead to irreparable damage to your brand image and integrity.

Ensure explicit and unsafe content is restricted for users

Protect guests from harmful sites

Purples content filtering

Purple works with the Internet Watch Foundation to provide an effective content filtering system. This allows automatic blocking via the Internet Watch Foundation watchlist as well as blocking or unblocking content based on category.

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Age restricted WiFi accesses

Family safe WiFi for all

Give families peace of mind when visiting your venue, ensuring children can’t access age restrict content (gambling sites, adult material, etc.). Not only does this functionality protect visitors but also the brand image as it shows a business is being responsible for their guest WiFi.

Charge Guest WiFi users for different levels of data usage

Limit guest data usage

Avoid guests downloading large files

Data bandwidth limits enable a business to charge a user on their guest WiFii who wishes to use the service for streaming videos and downloading large files.

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What do our customers say?

A world-renowned hotel chain wanted to ensure that when guests visited their establishments and logged on to the WiFi, that any browsing was done in a safe and secure way. This especially applied to the hotels that were much more family orientated

Purple, working with the internet watch foundation enabled them to add content filtering on top of their existing guest WiFi, restricting access to gambling sites and sites that may contain explicit material.

This enabled the parents of children who visited the large hotel chain to relax and enjoy their break more, knowing that if their children were sat on their phones using the WiFi to talk with friends, etc. that they were safe doing so.

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