Use Cases

Publicly display live occupancy numbers to reassure your visitors

COVID-19 has led to a more safety-conscious population, and so the importance of highlighting everything you are doing to ensure visitor safety within your venue is paramount.

In order for visitors to return, they need to feel safe, and so businesses need to take action to visualize and prove to customers that they are following government guidelines.

Accurate, real-time occupancy tracking

Display data in a variety of ways to enable people to make informed decisions

Inform your visitors or staff in a variety of ways what live occupancy is through our display app which can be run on tablets, TVs, kiosks, or linked to traffic light systems to control occupancy and allow people to make informed decisions. This can also be surfaced in websites, intranets, or apps so people have the data at their fingertips.

Real-time occupancy data

Use in-venue screens to display live occupancy numbers

Our API allows businesses to export real-time occupancy data from our portal to in-venue screens or displays. This allows visitors to see live occupancy numbers for certain zones or areas within your venue, offering visual reassurance that they can maintain a safe social distance.

Advise on the best times to visit

Display data trends on your website or app

Analyze and display historic data letting your visitors know when the best time is to visit. Export data via our API and display trends on your website or app.

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