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Use Cases

Real estate optimization

Ensuring you are getting the most out of your venue has never been more important

Capture data insights

Real-time business analytics

Understand how visitors access, interact, move around and exit your venue.

Purple boasts a centralized dashboard, where you access key insights into visitor data, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your business. View live visitor numbers, footfall, high dwell areas, popular pathways, and more to help optimize your venue.

Optimize staffing levels

Better manage your staffing requirements and stock levels with accurate visitor data

Presence analytics provides key insight into your venue’s visitor numbers in real-time. Collating this data over time allows you to identify trends and patterns in visitor numbers on popular days. Use this data to better manage staffing requirements and stock levels.

Measure performance by venue

Benchmark top performing venues

Company level analytics provide a snapshot of your top-performing venues

Using our analytics software at a company level, you can take a look at how all your venues/stores are performing. Using this information you can benchmark top-performing stores/venues against others, driving greater results.

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