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Use Cases

Understand visitor behavior

Purple’s location software uses de-identified MAC address ‘signals’ to identify footfall, high dwell areas, bottlenecks, and even queue lengths.

Location heatmap to understand how visitors use your venue

Visitor location

Find out who and where customers are in your venue

Purple’s Location report provides users with insight into how customers interact within their stores and who these customers are.

Understand your venues bounce and interaction rate

Visitor presence

See how long your customers are in your stores

Purple’s Presence report gives you the ability to find out how long visitors are in your stores and the time spent in certain areas. Use this information to find out why they spend so long in specific locations compared to others and make changes in the lower performing areas to boost dwell time.

Understand how customers interact with your venue

Dwell time

Insight into how customers interact with your venue

Using our analytics dashboard you can you can monitor dwell time, providing insights you need to make informed decisions such as product placement and in-store adjustments.

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What do our customers say?

A large U.S. supermarket chain was unsure of how to layout their products to maximize their sales. They knew which products were their most popular but because they couldn’t track customer footpaths they had no idea how to organize their isles. After having Purple for a year, the supermarket chain is able to organize its isles differently for each store so that customers are presented with as many products as possible and popular products can be easily found. The supermarket chain has increased its customer’s average spend by $12.

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