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Understand your staff to visitor ratio to improve safety and provide the optimum experience

Being under or over-staffed is a common problem, particularly in the retail and hospitality industries.

Being understaffed means the customer experience is going to be poor, which in turn means you are exposed to negative reviews and less people visiting.

Being overstaffed, although the experience will be better, does mean you’re paying out on salaries (and potentially stock) that isn’t necessarily required. Both of which can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Getting the balance right can help you save significantly on overall costs.

Get accurate, reliable data

Badges ensure staff are excluded from your occupancy data

Arm your staff with badges to ensure they are not counted by your venue’s sensors and included as part of your overall occupancy data, ensuring the visitor occupancy data you are collecting is accurate.

Improve venue and visitor safety

Keep visitors out of restricted areas within your venue

Excluding staff from your occupancy data means you can quickly identify if visitors are accessing areas of your venue that they shouldn’t be due to a poor layout or lack of signage. Use the data to optimize your space and keep an eye on restricted areas.

Historic occupancy data and trends

Access reports that show you visitor occupancy trends over time

Use the data to better predict for the future. When are you typically the most busy vs. the least? Match your staffing levels and stock to suit, saving you significant costs and providing a better venue experience.

Provide the optimum visitor experience

Delight your visitors with an unrivalled experience

Getting your staffing levels exactly right means you can provide the best experience for visitors, ensuring everyone is served promptly and efficiently, instantly boosting your chances of positive feedback and online reviews.

Connect with leading review platforms

Prompt your visitors to leave a review to know you’re getting it right

Connect our platform with leading review providers such as Trustpilot to boost your online presence and attract more visitors. The integration automatically sends out an email to anyone that has connected to your WiFi 24 hours post visit politely asking them to leave a review.

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