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Use Cases

Understanding exactly how people move around your space

Understanding how visitors interact and move around your venue is vital to ensuring effective product placements, promotions, and other offers as well as improving visitor safety.

Optimize your space

See your most popular entry points, where visitors dwell and how they move through your venue

Understand visitor numbers, areas of dwell, potential bottlenecks, and more through a variety of location-based reports that can deliver cm accuracy, and use the data to optimize space.

View how space is allocated across floors, departments, and buildings and compare these to identify vacancies, and spot where space is needed most.

Accurate location tracking

Automatically track visitors in and out of your venue

Count the number of visitors entering and exiting your venue with up to 98% accuracy through connecting compatible hardware, such as access points or sensors, with our analytics platform. This data is fed into a dashboard within the Purple portal which you can use to keep a close eye on visitor numbers in real-time.

Location heatmap to understand how visitors use your venue

Generate visitor heatmaps

Gain insight into how your visitors move around your venue

Purple location data provides detailed insight into visitor footfall, pathways, dwell, and more which can be generated into a visual heatmap for improved understanding of how your venue is used. Depending on the accuracy of data required by the venue, Purple offers presence and location data via WiFi (up to 75% accuracy), 2D sensors (up to 85% accuracy), and 3D sensors (98% accuracy).

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