API Access

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A brief introduction to our API

Our API makes it simple for developers to integrate with Purple

Purple API access
All the user data in the Purple Portal is available to you through our API. Sharing this information allows you integrate this information straight into your CRM, ERP, loyalty systems and many more.

The API also facilitates daily tasks like automating provisioning for new venues, hardware and other administrative elements. The possibilities really are as limitless as your imagination.

By pulling through this information, your business can enrich your existing data by the wealth of additional intelligence you will have about your customers and venues.

What’s more, our API is restful, secureand outputs data in JSON format which makes our data lightweight and much faster at transferring between systems.

Our expert integration and data teams can support your business to ensure you’re pulling through the right data and are on hand to support you with any questions you may have.

The benefits of using Purples’ API

Enrich your data with API
Enrich your in house data – add a wealth of intelligence from Purple
Match up your data with API
Match up in store data with CRM, ERP, Loyalty and BI systems
Create views with API
Create a single customer view, online and in store
Restful API
Our API is restful and outputs data in JSON format
Data by API
Provides you with all customer, visit, presence and positioning data
Manage all of your customer data in your chosen location
API at work
Here’s some use cases for API access

Use our API to drive front of house applications in venues, such as digital signage which can be automatically adapted based on how many people are in the venue. The signage could even be changed depending on demographics like age and gender. This allows the venue to share highly targeted, hyper-relevant information or offers.

How about streaming music? What if the music in your venue could continually adapt to the artists or genres the people inside the venue liked the most.

It’s not uncommon to see staff in venues carrying PoS systems or tablets. What if these staff could see who’s in the venue and their profiles in real time through the tablet. Staff could ensure important customers are given personalized and immediate attention.

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