WiFi Bandwidth management

Prioritize, limit and shape your WiFi bandwidth in minutes

Tiered Bandwidth

Bill guests for WiFi usage after a period of free time, or bill them for superior bandwidth

Tiered bandwidth management
Our WiFi bandwidth management feature offers flexibility and the opportunity to increase revenue through alternative usage methods. Tiered bandwidth creates a monetary return on investment by charging guests for WiFi use. The solution can be tailored to your client according to:

Time – You can set a limit to the amount of free access time on the guest WiFi, 30 minutes for example. When the limit is reached and usage continues, a charge to the guest is incurred.

Speed – A limit can be set on the upload or download speed on the guest WiFi. Users then have the option to upgrade for a faster WiFi experience at a charge.

Usage – A limit to the usage can be set. For example, a guest who is simply checking their emails or browsing online will not use much bandwidth and therefore will not be charged, but a guest who is streaming videos (and using a higher proportion of the allocated WiFi bandwidth) would be charged.

Payment Gateway
How will I manage my WiFi bandwidth plans with Purple?

Our cloud software gives you complete control and flexibility to manage your bandwidth. You can quickly and easily edit the block of paid time you want to offer, the price you charge or manage the speed and usage.

payment gateway

Our payment gateway is fully PCI compliant, and ready to work out the box enabling you to start taking payments immediately

Purple currently support billing customers
in the following currencies:

$ – United States Dollar (USD)
£ – British Pound (GBP)
€ – Euro (EUR)
$ – Canadian Dollar (CAD)
$ – Australian Dollar (AUD)

Note: We do not yet support PayPal as a
customer payment option. We can add
additional currencies if required, on request.

Always legal
Is your guest WiFi legal?

WiFi bandwidth management
Keeping your WiFi legal is an often overlooked, but highly critical feature for providing guest WiFi

As a business owner, Purple ensure your business is legally compliant within government law. Including data protection, data retention and illegal online activity legislation.

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