WiFi Content Filtering

Enterprise content filtering which blocks inappropriate material on your WiFi network

Family friendly WiFi

Family friendly content is a must. Can your WiFi network take the risk?


WiFi Content filtering

Public WiFi comes with the risk that consumers can potentially access content that is not family friendly. Purple has partnered with WebTitan to provide a convenient WiFi content filtering system which blocks inappropriate material.

WebTitan use the Internet Watch Foundation’s watchlist to block inappropriate material. Other content that isn’t family friendly can also be blocked according to category.

We are also partnered with Friendly WiFi, the world’s first accreditation scheme to verify whether a venue’s free WiFi is family friendly.

A few benefits of content filtering

People expect family friendly WiFi in public places


Automatically block URLs on the IWF watchlist


Content can be blocked (or unblocked) according to category
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Venues with content filtering enabled will have access to the following:


Safe Wifi
  • Top requested domains
  • Top requested categories
  • Most blocked domains
  • Most blocked categories


Case study
London Borough of Brent, a great example of content filtering in action
Public WiFi


Working with our partner, Unified Consultancy, WiFi was deployed in a number of libraries, community centres and job centres managed by Brent Council.
It was therefore vital that the service blocked inappropriate content at all times, since the WiFi was being used in educational environments that required family ­friendly browsing.


We’re proud to partnership with…


The Friendly WiFi scheme

Purple is proud to be an Approved Provider of ‘Friendly WiFi’, the world’s first family friendly public WiFi accreditation scheme. The scheme was designed to verify whether a business’ public WiFi service meets a minimum level of filtering to block out access to pornographic and child abuse websites.

The ‘Friendly WiFi’ scheme aims to help parents, children and young people make informed choices about using public WiFi and protects them from viewing inappropriate material.

Purple partners and content filtered venues can now apply to join the scheme and pay an annual licence fee to have their service verified. This ensures that access to pornographic material is filtered and child abuse webpages known to the Internet Watch Foundation are blocked.

Once verified and approved, partners and venues can display the ‘Friendly WiFi’ symbol to make it clear that their WiFi is ‘Friendly’.

The Internet Watch Foundation

Through our partnership with WebTitan, Purple supports the work of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

The Internet Watch Foundation works internationally to make the internet a safer place. They help victims of child sexual abuse worldwide by identifying and removing content. They also offer a place for the public to report this content anonymously.

The Internet Watch Foundation is a not-for-profit organization supported by the global internet industry and the European Commission.