Google Apps Authentication

Any organisation wishing to offer a WiFi connection needs to ensure it is secure, legally compliant and encrypted too.

Take control over who has access

Purple software allows customers to limit Google authentications to a single Google Apps domain. This ensures that only the employees of the company with a valid Google login can access their WiFi. This makes implementation of a user-­friendly BYOD policy easy even at places such as:

● Large companies

● Companies occupying multiple sites

● Schools

● University campuses

● Healthcare establishments

All authentication happens over SSL directly through Google, so it’s completely secure.

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Seamless access

Purple don’t require any special permissions or visibility of the company’s user accounts or passwords.

The MAC of each device is conveniently remembered for simple re­authentication on return visits, with the security that it can be cleared when the Google apps account is revoked. This allows quick and easy access to important company information as and when it is needed. Even highly confidential information such as medical records can be accessed safely and securely.

Reporting data

The Purple portal reports give network managers an insight into exactly who’s using the network and on which devices. The customer API allows integration with third party apps such as HR tools or automated reporting/alerts.

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