Hotspot 2.0

Seamless, secure roaming

With Hotspot 2.0, a WiFi Alliance approach, the idea is that public access to WiFi should become an automatic process for mobile devices. If a user enters a HS2 enabled area, automatic connection of a mobile device to a WiFi subscriber will soon be a reality.

Purple is already Hotspot 2.0 ready and enabled. This means that any Hotspot 2.0 device can connect securely via the new protocol. We believe that this will simply be standard for all public WiFi in the near future.


Automatic connections

Using realms and EAP Authentication, users can walk into a public WiFi area and their mobile device will already begin to decide which is the best network to join – all without the user even having to take their device out. The device will work out whether to connect based on speeds of WiFi vs 3/4G and how congested each network is. It will have already learned which networks are the most secure, so the risk posed by having to know which SSID’s are safe is reduced.

This becomes a reality with Passpoint, which is a certification from the WiFi Alliance that says the equipment will work with Hotspot 2.0. The mobile device must support 802.11u and be subscribed to a Hotspot 2.0 service to automatically connect and roam.

Users will be able to access a secure, fast internet connection, especially in areas where user density limits cellular coverage.