Journey Management

Marketing for physical spaces

The marketing tools available in the Purple portal provide a comprehensive method to monitor and actively promote your business. You can tailor your splash (login) pages with specific branding and advertising and send targeted emails and SMS. The URL redirect page they land on after logging in is also completely within your control.

Customize your splash page

Using personalized landing pages, you can manage every step of the customer’s journey, from the first time you meet to the most recent, based on country, demographic, venue, celebration or location.

Purple’s marketing features let you choose a template, drag and drop images and text into position and turn on, it’s really that simple. Or for those creatives out there, fully customize landing pages using Purple’s HTML editor.

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E­Marketing & SMS

You can also create unique emails, SMS messages and couponing to engage with your consumers in real time, based on behaviour and demographics. The portal allows you to create a bespoke marketing campaign individual to your audience.



LogicFlow is Purple’s easy to use interface which comprises of drag and drop technology and the setting of actions.

Whether you need an action to track valuable assets, people, weather conditions or customer behavior, for creating hyper relevant communications, we’ve got it covered.



Driving Reviews

In business, the only critic worth listening to is your customer. So if they give you great reviews, this often makes a huge impact on your bottom line. Switch on Purple’s new review feature and your business now has to the capability to receive reviews from your customers through industry leading review sites.

Online splash pages

‘Splash page’ is the term that we use for the page that people see when are just about to begin the login process. So they will be using their computer, tablet or mobile, they will have connected to the WiFi SSID in their settings, and have opened a web browser window.

Your splash page is the first thing your customers will see when they login, so it’s important to make the most of it! Offline and online splash pages can be completely personalised with your branding, logos and content – even better, they’re easier to create than ever before.


WiFi marketing in action

  • A great example of WiFi marketing driving a highly targeted and personalized campaign is explored in our case study for the London Borough of Brent.

    Working with our partner, Unified Consultancy, WiFi was deployed in a number of libraries, community centres and job centres managed by Brent Council.

    Tim Butler, Networks and Communications Team Leader at Brent Council, said: “Although we did have a guest WiFi solution in place we decided to migrate to Purple WiFi’s cloud solution after taking advice from Unified Consultancy. It offered more methods of logging in using social media accounts, making it much easier for visitors, with the option of form access.

    “It also meant we could target certain demographics with relevant e­shots to advertise specific events held in our libraries. Being able to report in detail on the users accessing our WiFi network is one of the main benefits of Purple WiFi. This will enable us to target certain user profiles with relevant e­shots for upcoming events. Having a cloud solution has also greatly simplified the support requirements.”