Micro Surveys

Embed real-time customer feedback into your WiFi onboarding process

Smarter decisions with Micro Surveys

Collect feedback and make smarter decision with data


Our latest feature allows you to setup short, easy-to use survey pages which are displayed during the user’s onboarding process, before they access the WiFi network.With Micro Surveys you have a captive audience; targeting your users at the right time whilst they’re in your venue.

Opt out is flexible and businesses have the option to allow users to skip the survey and get straight to surfing, or, enable them to be mandatory, so users must complete the questions before getting access to the WiFi.

From market research to customer satisfaction, they provide insightful and invaluable data which your business can take action on.

Effortless setup
Micro Surveys that are simple to build and simple to complete.


Multiple questions

The simple to use builder allows you to add up to four questions which can be based on multiple choices and star ratings, making it a breeze to complete the page.
For more tailored scenarios, a free text field can be added allowing user to provide personalized feedback.

Take action

Responses are aggregated into the reports section providing clear actionable data which can also be exported to a CSV file.

From market research to a simple poll; Micro Surveys open up a wealth of real-time actionable data.

Expertly designed to work on everything

Our Micro Surveys are fully mobile responsive so no matter which device your customers are using, your surveys will always be easy to complete.

Displayed at the right time

Our Micro Surveys have been designed to be user-centric. They’re short, easy to complete and seamless.

By displaying the survey as the user is in the venue and going through their onboarding journey is the perfect time to capture invaluable data.

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Benefits of Micro Surveys


Promote your business & communicate with your customers on a whole new level


Update questions in real time
for added flexibility

A simple to use builder
which is fast and easy to setup

Targets users at the right time,
whilst they’re in your venue

Our micro surveys are short,
and return a high response rate

Targets users at the right time,
whilst they’re in your venue

Beautiful reports with an
overview of actionable data