WiFi Analytics

Measure your visitors behavior in real-time
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Web analytics for the real, physical world

With our cloud software enabled over your existing network you can access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics. Similar to web analytics, our platform displays real­-time footfall, passers by, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency; enabling businesses to truly understand their venues.

What’s more, with the right setup, we can capture footfall numbers, and visitor analytics even if visitors don’t log in to the Guest WiFi.

We use a restful API, so the data displayed in the Purple Portal can be connected to other information systems such as CRM and ERP.

A few benefits of WiFi analytics

Website Analytics for the real, physical world

Understand how demographics move in your space

Measure the dwell time of visitors in your venue

Access real-time data at a venue, company or group level

Create highly targeted marketing campaigns

Create operational efficiencies to save money and boost revenue
Meaningful graphs that tell a story

Visual graphs can be created and accessed at any time within the portal. WiFi analytics can provide user demographics such as age, gender and location, length of internet use, total amount of users and data usage are just some of the statistics you can collect. This deeper level of analytics will enable you to deploy your marketing messages to the right people, at the right time. For example, if a cafe is using Purple to provide their guest WiFi knows that a customer has logged in more than four times this month, they could reward them for their loyalty with a personalized offer such as a free cup of their favorite coffee. The cafe can even apply this when a regular customer has their birthday, or they bring a friend who also logs onto the WiFi.

The same principle can also be used on a much bigger scale in larger venues. For example, stadiums can use the WiFi analytics to drive ticket sales for season passes and push fans towards the concession stands for high margin products like popcorn and drinks. Entire cities can send highly targeted, relevant information to tourists and transport network users, offering a positive experience and streamlining movement around the busiest areas.The use cases for WiFi analytics in venues of all sizes are limitless.

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