WiFi4EU and Purple

A cloud based solution connecting Europe with intelligent spaces

Enhanced public WiFi for Europe

The European Parliament, Council, and Commission are funding a 120 million Euros WiFi4EU initiative in a move to provide high-speed, free WiFi across the European Union (EU). WiFi4EU funding will cover initial equipment and installation costs and is available to Public Sector Bodies (PSBs), such as local municipalities, libraries, museums, parks, and health centres while connectivity and equipment maintenance is paid by PSBs. PSBs are also encouraged to develop and promote their own digital services in tourism, health, and urban development with data collected via WiFi and by selecting Purple’s WiFi and analytics platform PSBs can rest assured their connections are secure, compliant under the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and driving return on their investment.

GDPR compliant

GDPR is an EU regulation that harmonises data privacy laws across Europe and comes into force 25 May, 2018 halfway through the WiFi4EU scheme. Purple are the first GDPR compliant WiFi provider and unveiled the new, simplified Privacy Policy offering data transparency for end users worldwide one year early.

Live within 24 hours

Within 24 hours of installation PSBs can access real-time reporting, location and presence analytics, and develop highly targeted marketing campaigns based on visitor insights collected by social WiFi or short form logins.

Safe and secure

Our login journey ensures all public WiFi users are asked to sign up to the terms and conditions and ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ before gaining network access. Content filtering is also a feature available from Purple, which means younger visitors won’t be able to access inappropriate sites and that all content listed by IWF is blocked.

PSBs already working with Purple’s WiFi and analytics platform




Real-time insights to create a return on your investment

With Purple, PSBs can use the Purple platform to generate accurate reports for venue management and work towards developing and promoting meaningful digital services in tourism, hospitality and retail, health, and government. The wealth of information collected via social media and short form logins creates a rich data profile of visitors to encourage and reward for coming back, and empowers PSBs to personalise every visitor’s experience.

Smart City insights

WiFi4EU has the potential to benefit between 6,000 to 8,000 communities of citizens and visitors across the EU. Through the Internet of Things and powerful insights, PSBs will be able to collect data, adapt to change more quickly, and become more ‘smart’ to the needs of the population while reducing impact on the environment. With Purple, PSBs will also be able to identify exactly how long people stay in their venue, the split between repeat and new visitors, peak traffic times, and most importantly popular destinations.

Purple have updated our Privacy Policy and created the Profile Portal to ensure the Purple platform has gone above and beyond GDPR requirements for PSBs in the EU.

WiFi4EU Purple Benefits:

Social WiFi login: Purple’s social WiFi feature encourages visitors to connect with your brand socially via social networks they use and trust, immediately boosting social media presence.

Location and presence analysis: Understand how visitors are using your venue to optimise floor space, convert foot traffic, and prompt visitors for a review after they leave.

Seamless login: When a Purple WiFi end user reconnects to another Purple WiFi access point their details are recognised via their Purple Profile Portal, and reduces the login journey.

In-built marketing tools: Drive revenue with direct marketing welcome messages, promotions and offers in over 20 languages based on demographics, location, and interests of visitors.