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The Purple method

WiFI Access

Ensuring our WiFi is easy to access is at the heart of everything we do. Users login seamlessly through social media for fast, effortless access.

WiFI Analyze

Our portal pulls together multiple data sources allowing you to analyze foot traffic, dwell times and bounce rates of your physical space.

Action WiFi

Take action when people are in your venue using our marketing tools to target users through email, SMS and customisable splash pages.
WiFi solutions

Enabling our cloud software over the top of your existing network allows customers to access your WiFi legally and securely. Ensuring visitors can login quickly through a branded login journey, using their preferred social media profile at the press of a button.

Gain access to a wealth of rich analytics and enhanced demographics. Take action with our suite of WiFi marketing tools and connect it all up to your existing CRM.

Location services

Our location based services provide enhanced, real-time analytics such as footfall, real-time passers by, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency; enabling businesses to truly understand their venues.

Trigger targeted SMS & email messages as customerspass through your venue. Redirect users and customise splash pages as users visit different zones in your venue.

Industries we serve
Improve fan experience, such as in-game advertising, fan updates and stadium analytics
Enhance the visitor experience from safe and legal WiFi to gathering patient feedback.
Increase revenue, update shoppers and encourage social engagement with Purple


Smart Cities
From understanding traffic data and bus routes to enhancing tourist and visitor stays
Bars, restaurants and hotels can increase revenue, update guests and add value to venues
Shopping Malls
Improve mall experience from location based services, wayfinding and WiFi analytics
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