We are Purple

easy access WiFi for your customers, valuable data for your business


guest WiFi users with enterprises worldwide

Purple WiFi helps businesses connect with people who are in their venues through major social networks, or a simple and easy to use login form option. Wherever people are in the world, the Purple login journey will be served up in their own language and is quick, easy and secure.

Insight for…

Enterprises who prioritize marketing and analytics

Purple’s portal provides those key individuals within your business with real-time insight around first and repeat visitor data at a granular level. Unearthing demographic, technology and location behavior across single or multiple sites anytime, anywhere.

Remarketing to…


Keeping in touch with your visitors couldn’t be simpler.
The portals built in CRM keeps profile data up-to-date and secure, while its marketing campaign features utilize a friendly drag and drop interface with intelligent and responsive re-sizing. Meaning you can easily take intelligent action that will delight your customers.

Seamlessly reconnecting…

users again and again

Using Purple’s reconnection feature, enterprises can easily make their WiFi experience feel seamless. So users can be dynamically logged in each time they revisit your business; be it in the same building or halfway around the globe.

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