Captive Portal Platform

Open up a world of analytics and actionable insights

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Collect the data you want

Custom fields help you get the information you need

Custom field log-in forms enable you to capture any data you wish, allowing you to create the best possible visitor profile for your business. Users must complete a form with contact information before accessing the WiFi, by asking for customer details a value exchange takes place.

Social log-in

Allow customers to log-on to the WiFi using their social media profiles

Social media log-in allows you to capture richer and more detailed data such as social interests, date of birth, gender, and more, allowing you to build accurate visitor profiles

Put the data where you want

Seamless integration with leading CRM and mailing platforms

Simply and quickly pull together new mailing lists using the data captured as and when new customers log into your WiFi. Our integrations will collect data such as first name, last name, email address, and other key demographics, allowing you to create personalized marketing campaigns.
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Here’s how it works

Purple’s WiFi analytics platform sits on top of your existing guest WiFi network and using a captive portal allows users to view collected data in a personalized dashboard.

Purple’s WiFi analytics portal enables users to analyze data from visitors who have authenticated onto the guest WiFi, which provides key insight into visitor demographics, interests, and other social likes.

Purple’s analytics capability is non-comparable, and as market leaders, we provide an enterprise-class and scalable solution that is ideal for sizable estates.