Captive Portal

Get your visitors online quickly with social WiFi login options, and gather invaluable demographic insights all with a captive portal.

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Here's how it works

Purple’s WiFi analytics platform sits on top of your business’s existing guest WiFi network and uses a captive portal to help visitors get online quickly and easily.

Effortlessly gather valuable data from visitors who have authenticated onto the guest WiFi such as visitor demographics, interests, and other social likes.

As market leaders, we provide an enterprise-class and scalable solution that is ideal for all venue sizes and is easily scalable.

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    Getting visitors online

    Custom field log-in forms enable you to capture relevant visitor data, allowing you to create the best possible visitor profile for your business.

    Social media log-in allows you to capture richer and more detailed data such as social interests, date of birth, gender, and more. Visitors must complete a form with contact information before accessing the WiFi.

    captive portal - terms and conditions

    Globally compliant T&C's

    "With great data comes great responsibility" which is why Purple prides itself on having globally compliant T&C's, allowing businesses to reap all the benefits of a captive portal without risk.

    Our short-form terms and conditions also allow end-users to have clarity when it comes to how their data will be handled.

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    Customizable visitor surveys

    Captive portal integrations allow our customers to use their collected data to directly market back to their visitors with personalized offers, surveys about their experience, and important news.

    Integrations such as LogicFlow provide Purple customers the opportunity to boost their visitor engagement by sending offers by sending highly personalized offers & news.