Elevate Fan Engagement & Increase Lifetime Value

With a significant percentage of NBA fans buying tickets on the secondary market, teams often find themselves in the dark about their fans. That's where Purple steps in, transforming ordinary guest WiFi into an invaluable tool for data collection, analytics, and personalized marketing

Fan-Centric Data Collection
Data-Driven Insights
Personalized Fan Engagement
Increased Lifetime Value
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Introducing GamePass

What is it?

At Purple, we believe in tangible results. That's why we offer a unique opportunity: a live demonstration during any event or pre-season game. See how Purple can light up your arena, making an immediate impact on fan engagement and revenue generation.

Define & review success

We'll work with you to define the objectives of your GamePass test event and review these post event to ensure that you are extracting maximum value

Build digital profiles

The information your visitors have shared with you goes into their digital profile

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Overlay with your existing hardware

Our cloud-based software overlays your existing WiFi infrastructure, so no extra hardware is needed. We can deploy within hours.

Get fans online

Show visitors fully branded splash pages with multiple login methods and collect real-time visitor data and get users online using our captive portal

Put your insights to work

Use the insights that you have collected to increase fan engagement and their lifetime value

Want to see what Purple can do for you?

Let us know which game or event that you would like to activate your Purple GamePass for and we'll be in touch shortly to discuss with you in more detail.

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Fan-Centric Data Collection

Up to 40% of fans in the arena are missed from ticket still data as many large parties tend to scan multiple digital tickets on a single fan’s phone or tickets are purchased on the secondary market. Purple helps you capture data on every fan entering your arena and build right digital profiles.

Gather invaluable first-party data on every fan entering your arena
Build comprehensive fan profiles
Understand their preferences and behaviors
Enhance personalization by understanding the moments that matter
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Data-Driven Insights

With the ability to delve deep into your fanbase's preferences, behaviors, and engagement patterns, you can make more informed and strategic decisions that resonate with your audience.

Gain deep, actionable insights into your fanbase
Discover engagement patterns, enabling smarter decision-making
Identify fan affiliations with other sports, entertainment, and brands
Data-backed insights into fan engagement and brand exposure for sponsors
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Personalized Fan Engagement

Elevate your fan engagement strategy to unprecedented levels by embracing the power of personalized interactions and tailored marketing approaches.

Create tailored interactions that resonate with your fans
Boost fan loyalty and lifetime value with customized marketing strategies
Leverage fan behavior data to create exclusive experiences and rewards
Implement data-driven promotions and offers to enhance the in-venue fan experience
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Increased lifetime value

The heart of any successful NBA team lies in its fans, and by creating connections that truly resonate, you can forge lasting loyalty while significantly increasing the lifetime value of your supporters. Through the strategic use of fan behavior data and data-driven promotions, you can offer exclusive experiences and rewards that make every moment with your team unforgettable.

Extend fan engagement beyond game day
Uncover hidden cross-promotional opportunities
Implement location-based services and real-time notifications through WiFi
Promote personalized experiences such as seat upgrades, special discounts, and exclusive content.

Ready to Elevate Your Fan Engagement?

Are you ready to take your fan engagement strategy to the next level? Let's discuss how Purple can customize its solution to fit your unique needs. Schedule a conversation with us in the next couple of weeks, and together, we can redefine the fan experience and drive your team's success.

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