Smart occupancy management and accurate location analytics

Optimize venue safety, reassure your visitors, increase operational efficiency, and understand exactly how your space is being used

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Sensors features

The ultimate venue safety and optimization tool

Improve venue safety

Achieve up to 98% accuracy when counting and monitoring visitor numbers; ensuring your venue is never overcrowded

Optimize your space

View how space is used across floors, departments and buildings; compare data to identify under-utilized space and spot where space is needed most

Save on operational costs

Improve efficiencies and maintain a high level of cleanliness with alerts that trigger letting employees know that areas need to be sanitized

Increase visitor return rates

Offer visitors visual reassurance that your venue is not overcrowded by displaying live occupancy levels on your website, app or in-venue screens

Here’s how it works

Our cloud-based platform provides an overlay to WiFi, 2D, and 3D sensor hardware. When connected, occupancy and location data captured by the hardware feeds directly into a number of reports and dashboards within our online platform.

When visitors enter, exit, and move around your venue, they are counted, and their movement is monitored with precision accuracy, which allows you to automatically monitor occupancy, and analyze how visitors move around your space.

Don’t worry – all of the data collected is completely anonymous so there is no need to worry about privacy!

Provide a safe venue experience that encourages visitors to return

Monitor and control occupancy with up to 98% accuracy ensuring your venue is never overcrowded. Connect the data with traffic light systems and in-venue screens for complete automated access control at your entry and exit points.

Customizable alerts allow you to improve safety

Automated alerts will trigger when occupancy levels get too high prompting staff to take action to maintain a safe environment.

Improve operations and maintain high levels of venue cleanliness

Improve operational efficiencies and maintain a high level of cleanliness with alerts that trigger letting employees know that areas within your venue need to be sanitized following set visitor usage levels.

Track customer movement using WiFi heat map and occupancy management

Understand exactly how your space is being used and optimize to match

Monitor overall footfall, identify areas of high dwell, see which days are your busiest, and understand exactly how visitors move around your space. Use the data captured and displayed in our online analytics platform to optimize your space, better manage staffing levels and reduce running costs.

Publicly display live occupancy data to reassure your visitors and secure their loyalty

Using our API you can export data out of our platform to display on your website, app, or in-venue screens. This allows visitors to check occupancy online before they visit, or to see occupancy in specific areas of your venue whilst out and about.

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Purple's Sensors licenses


Gain a holistic view of venue occupancy; enabling businesses to monitor occupancy across venues, improve overall safety, and make smarter business decisions.

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Gain insight into how visitors move around venues; enabling businesses to better understand how their space is used, optimize venue layouts, and increase operational efficiencies.

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Key features

Real-time occupancy reporting
Historic occupancy reporting
Heat maps
Dots on the map

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