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Purple's RTLS for Healthcare enables facilities to cut costs while increasing revenue using asset tracking and digital wayfinding to prevent the loss and misplacement of items, improve patient experience, and increase staff efficiency.

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of visitors get lost in hospitals


in lost revenue due to missed appointments


the average asset usage within healthcare


additional jobs created in healthcare in the next 10 years

asset tracking

Track Assets

Average asset usage within healthcare environments is approximately 30%, while more than $1M of time is lost searching.

Asset Tracking allows you to track all types of assets, including equipment and staff, allowing you to:

  • Reduce medication shrink
  • Decrease time to asset
  • Reduce replacement costs
  • Increase patient safety
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patiene experience

Enhance Patient Experience

30% of patients and visitors get lost in complex hospitals every year, which increases stress and has a negative impact on patient experience.

Purple’s Digital Wayfinding for patients provides visitors with turn by turn directions from home to their appointment and back again, resulting in:

  • Improved patient experience
  • Reduced staff disruptions
  • Improved appointment discipline
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staff efficiency

Improve Staff Efficiency

The healthcare industry in the US is expected to add an additional 2.6 million jobs in the next 10 years. It is critical new members of staff are onboarded effectively to reduce time to value.

Digital Wayfinding provides hospital staff with the tools to successfully orient themselves in their new environment and deliver immediate value:

  • Maximize onboarding
  • Ensure faster time to care
  • Improve employee satisfaction
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haelthcare hospital
haelthcare hospital
haelthcare hospital
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Integration Partners

  • exit
  • apporchard
  • google maps
  • indoor atlas
  • lyft
  • panda health
  • uber
  • waze
  • st georges hosp charity

    St George's Hospital Charity are excited to be utilising Purple to enrich our charity communications mix. It will allow us to raise awareness of charity initiatives and increase the reach of our mailing list whilst providing secure, accessible and free WiFi to patients and visitors.

    Kate Garner, Digital Communications & Marketing Officer @ St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust
  • ochsner

    The introduction of a new digital wayfinding capability at Ochsner Medical Center is not only for convenience, but is an integral part of delivering safer, more efficient, and more modern experiences to our community,

    This tool will give users turn-by-turn instructions from home to parking and guide them exactly to their destination. We know that a large campus can be challenging to navigate, and this is a great way to help make the onsite experience a bit easier.

    Jennifer Bollinger, Sr. Vice President, Chief Consumer Officer @ Ochsner Health
  • uh logo

    The Purple app is now part of our employee onboarding. So, for folks who come in and it’s their first day of orientation, part of that orientation is actually to use the app to go find the cafeteria, go find where you need to go. And we’ve been able to bake that in. And it’s been great.

    Kip Lee, Managing Director of Innovation and Design @ University Hospitals
  • vcu logo

    One of the great aspects about working with Purple is their timely responses to our questions, as well as making you (the client) feel empowered to customize their solution (when applicable). In our case, we are seeking to improve VCU Health’s overall indoor navigational experience for patients, visitors, staff, and contractors to our downtown Richmond (Virginia) medical campus.

    Purple knows their tech but it’s their people and their dedication to their jobs and professionalism that stand out. They understand that digital wayfinding in a healthcare environment is more than just downloading a mobile app. It’s a partnership between the client (us) and them to potentially reduce the anxiety a patient might feel before going to a medical appointment, in an unfamiliar location.

    The last thing a patient should have to worry about when going to their medical appointment is where do I park when I arrive, where do I go once inside, and how do I find my car when I’m done? We’re striving to improve the overall experience for our visitors. Our digital wayfinding solution, VCU Health Way Finder, wouldn’t be where it is today, without the continued guidance and support of Purple.

    Keith Marcum, Digital Marketing Wayfinding & Engagement Specialist @ VCU Health System
  • nhs croydon

    We’re completely committed to making the hospital experience as positive as possible for patients and visitors alike. We’ve worked with local groups to hear their feedback and take action.

    This state of the art system will not only improve the experience of patients visiting Croydon University Hospital by reducing the stresses that navigating a large site can cause, but will also help them plot the quickest route to their care or to the loved ones they are visiting.

    Dan Rennie-Hale, Director of Quality and Lead for Patient Experience @ Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

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    Here's how Purple can help

    Asset Tracking

    patient elopement

    Patient elopement

    6/10 people with Alzheimer’s or dementia will wander. Reacting to this flight risk quickly is key to maintaining patient safety.

    Purple Asset Tracking notifies you when a patient wanders, as well as providing the tools to track and find them quickly

    medication shrink

    Medication shrink

    More than $800 million of medication is lost or wasted every year due to flawed processes and poor tracking.

    Purple Asset Tracking allows staff to track medication in transit, in storage as well as notify administrators if it leaves the relevant area

    critical assets

    Critical assets

    Nurses spend 1 hour per shift searching for critical pieces of equipment, with 16% of searches ending in failure

    Purple Asset Tracking allows you to know where critical equipment is at all times, provides directions to its location and notifies you when it leaves a predetermined geo-zone

    locate large assets

    Locate large assets

    The average asset usage in healthcare is 35%, with 10-20% of a hospital’s inventory going missing or being misplaced every year.

    Purple Asset Tracking allows you to track and find assets, as well as set up notifications if they leave a predefined location

    Digital Wayfinding for Patient Experience

    incident resolution

    Incident resolution

    First impressions are a critical element in the selection of a provider, with the reputational impact running in to the millions.

    Purple Patient Experience provides the ability to report incidents such as spills, reduce time to resolution by providing directions to the incident.

    staff disturbance

    Staff disturbance

    30% of patients will get lost in hospitals, and will typically seek help from staff, with an average of 10 minutes of interruptions per hour.

    Purple Patient Experience provides accurate digital navigation, meaning patients interrupt less and staff are more productive.

    appointment discipline

    Appointment discipline

    Missed appointments cost the North American Healthcare industry $150 billion every year, with lost patients being a major cause.

    Purple Patient Experience provides accurate digital navigation, meaning they get to where they need to be on time, reducing lost revenue.

    home to destination

    Home to destination

    Patients experience anxiety and stress increases if they arrive in the wrong parking garage or get lost during their journey.

    Purple Patient experience ensures they have the most efficient journey, decreasing stress and improving their experience.

    Digital Wayfinding for Staff Efficiency

    building evolution

    Building evolution

    Hospital designs and layouts are constantly changing, especially with the introduction of new buildings which leads to staff confusion and inefficiencies.

    Purple Staff Efficiency provides staff with accurate and up to date wayfinding via a secure login experience leading to increased efficiency and staff satisfaction.

    staff efficiency

    Consultant (shared staff)

    96 percent of healthcare facilities hired temporary health professionals in 2021. Temporary staff are more likely to get lost, reducing efficiency.

    Purple Staff Efficiency provides temporary staff with up to date directions enabling them to find their way and deliver immediate value.

    home to destination

    Existing staff

    First impressions are a critical element in the selection of a provider, staff need to be enabled to provide the best possible service.

    Purple Staff Efficiency provides staff with the ability to provide accurate directions and a great experience resulting in increased staff and patient satisfaction.

    new member of staff

    New member of staff

    The healthcare industry in the US is expected to add an additional 2.6 million jobs in the next 10 years.

    Purple Staff Efficiency provides staff with the tools to successfully orient themselves in their new environments and deliver immediate value

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