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Helping spaces to thrive: the ultimate tool to understand, identify and improve guest experience.

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Why Purple?

Initially started in 2012 out of frustration for poor guest WiFi connection, Purple has evolved into the ultimate tool for businesses to turn their physical venues into intelligent spaces. Today, Purple helps physical venues thrive by enhancing visitor experiences, optimizing staff efficiency, and driving additional revenue with our hardware-agnostic indoor locations services.

Enhances visitor experiences
Optimizes staff efficiency
Drives additional revenue

Meet our leadership team

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Our Values

Make it happen

Our team are committed to doing whatever it takes to ‘make it happen’ by working together and thinking of innovative solutions every step of the way.

In it together

Regardless of their role, each individual at purple has one common goal, turn the world purple. Everyone is available to help each other.

Playful and positive

Life’s too short to take things too seriously, we like to have fun while we’re working and we love positivity - and yes the glass is half full.

No drama

Things don’t always go to plan as much as we try, having a tantrum over it won’t help the situation and you won’t find that here.

Know your stuff, keep learning

Every day is a school day. We value people who have the knowledge and have a thirst for it, lots of it.

With great data, comes great responsibility

Personal data is a big thing, particularly when you are the custodian of a lot of it, we take that very seriously.

No bullsh*t, no politics

Seriously, we all enjoy coming to work here and that stuff makes it unpleasant.

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Data points

We’ve collected more than 22 billion data points

22 bn


We've seen more than 15 billion visits upwards of 50,000 venues

15 bn

Unique users

We support 160 million unique users with 99.9% uptime

160 m
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