Goal of 1 Billion Users of the Purple Platform, helping People connect in Complex Spaces

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Company celebrates success, aligns around vision, and drives toward innovation

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, recently hosted its annual Global Kick-Off event. This gathering brought together employees from around the globe, celebrating achievements, aligning on a powerful new purpose, and charting a strategic growth trajectory for the year ahead.

The event highlighted Purple’s remarkable 32% growth in the past year. This success is coupled with a strategic pivot towards a focus on sustainable, profitable growth, mirroring the broader shift in the technology industry.  Central to the event was the unveiling of the company’s new purpose: “Improving the way people connect in complex spaces.”  This purpose will guide Purple’s innovation and drive the delivery of solutions to transform customer experiences.

“Our new purpose speaks to the core of what we do,” said Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple. “It’s about empowering people through seamless connections. This renewed sense of purpose has ignited excitement and motivation across the company.”

Purple also introduced an ambitious BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): to create 1 billion connections by 2030. These connections include WiFi users, wayfinding assistance, asset tracking, and future interactions powered by Purple’s solutions. This bold target aligns with the company’s drive for growth and impact.

The event outlined Purple’s growth and profitability targets for 2024.  A compelling product vision, focused on future user experiences and real-world applications, demonstrated the company’s relentless dedication to innovation.

Beyond strategy, the Global Kick-Off prioritized personal and professional development as key drivers of success. Sessions on vulnerability, diversity and positive mindsets empowered employees to connect as individuals and collaborate more effectively. These initiatives reinforce Purple’s focus on cultivating a strong and supportive work environment where individual growth directly fuels collective achievement.

Purple’s commitment to fostering a responsible and inclusive environment goes beyond internal initiatives. Its active Women in Tech group champions opportunities and mentorship for women, contributing to the broader conversation about the need for greater gender diversity across the technology sector. The company’s ongoing pursuit of B Corp Certification underscores a holistic approach to business. B Corps are held to rigorous standards of social and environmental accountability, aligning with Purple’s focus on building a company that creates positive impact alongside sustainable growth.

“The Global Kick-Off fostered a powerful sense of connection and shared purpose amongst our teams,” added Wheeldon. “The open and honest atmosphere nurtured personal development and will undoubtedly fuel our collective success. We leave this event committed to act with a renewed sense of urgency and a focus on making a positive impact –  both within Purple and in the world. Expect even bigger things from us this year.”

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