7 Gadgets Tech Heads Need This Christmas

7 Gadgets Tech Heads Need This Christmas
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So 2013 is soon coming to an end. Whilst there’s been a great range of gadgets and gizmos released, it’s a simple, sad fact that you just can’t have all of them. Well, unless you are Bill Gates. Then you can have all the things.

However, with the festive season rapidly approaching, it’s a good opportunity to ask for a great gift. And for those who are very big on technology, here are seven gadgets that are sure to bring a smile to your face come Christmas morning…

1.      Archos 5

Perfect for those who do a lot of commuting on public transport, the Archos 5 tablet is a WiFi web browser, media player and portable 250GB hard drive, all in one. Able to do it all, you can watch, listen or read pretty much anything you want. It will hold around 300 films, over 140,000 songs or millions of pictures. You can even email too.

2.       Panasonic DMP-BD50

Whilst DVD might not be dead just yet, it’s highly advisable to make the move to Blu-ray sooner rather than later. This player is amazing because it’s so web friendly. It can connect online and offers brilliant image resolution with unparalleled sound quality. Sleek, smooth and powerful. Ideal for any cinema-lover.

3.   iPad Mini

Of course there was going to be an Apple product on this list. The iPad mini is very cool because it’s got all the specifications of its larger cousins, but is smaller and lighter. It’s also cheaper too. A seven inch display that includes retina display plus a great selection of apps to download.

4.  Epsom Picturemate PM290

You might have the best camera, but if you want to keep memories intact with great pictures, this gadget might be just for you. Lightweight with a fast print speed (over 1.5 pages per minute), you can print high quality images via Bluetooth, USB or memory card. There’s a handy preview screen included too.

5.  Live Luggage

An amazing present for any regular travellers, the Live Luggage is quite smart. Power-assisted, it actually has an “anti-gravity” handle that can shift the weight over the powered wheels. Sensors will only power the wheels when the bag is being dragged, via an intelligent torque control system. No more struggling with heavy luggage loads now. Surely a great way to usher in 2014?

6.   Denon DSD-501 Cocoon Stream

First, it looks very modern and stylish. It could pass for art but it’s very functional as it’s also a streaming speaker. Attach to your computer or mobile device via WiFi or cable and you get great sound from a great piece of kit anywhere in the home.

7.  Samsung Galaxy NX

The Galaxy NX combines the inner workings of a mobile device with the outer shell of a camera. It runs the Android OS, coming with 4G to share pictures quickly. WiFi is also available if no network can be found too. A 20 megapixel sensor and advanced autofocus give you amazing quality images.

Planning to get one of these gadgets for Christmas? Let us know which one in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!

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