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Arenas across the globe are continually looking to embrace the latest technologies that effectively provide visitors with memorable experiences while delivering a strong return on investment. One of the most popular solutions has become guest WiFi which Forbes highlighted as “a true service differentiator with fans.” No longer just a nice to have, guest WiFi…

real time passenger feedback for airports
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Providing internet access to passengers is an essential part of the airport experience. However, it can also be a challenge for airports to provide a secure, reliable, and cost-effective Guest WiFi network. Thankfully, airports are increasingly turning to guest WiFi solutions like Purple to help deliver great online experiences and inform changes to benefit offline…

why retailers should promote loyalty programmes
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Customer loyalty is one of the most important variables for retailers to consider when forecasting revenue, but in this post-covid environment where consumers are looking to tighten their wallets, seeking out competitive deals trumps any pre-existing loyalty. In this blog, we’re going to take a deep dive into the survey results of Purple’s consumer research…

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