Category: Data Security

The last several years have brought many changes to the modern workspace as a considerable number of companies have seen their employees shift to working from home. The change from a daily commute to remote work forced businesses to rethink many practices they thought were set in stone. One of the new challenges modern companies…

Between traditional healthcare challenges and ones the pandemic entailed, the healthcare industry strives to contain operational costs. In the midst of accelerating digitization, patients no longer evaluate providers based on medical outcomes alone, instead seeking a pleasant overall patient experience. As they become more engaged across channels and more involved in the process, healthcare marketing…

Starting in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey, Apple has introduced a new feature as part of their paid iCloud (now iCloud+) subscription service, called iCloud Private Relay. But what it is, and how does it work? Also, is it any different from companies offering a VPN solution? Let’s find out. The idea behind…

“The key to good, frictionless, security is understanding the needs and the operations of the business to efficiently build controls around them. Security should be baked in, not sprayed on.” Senior Security Engineer – Dan Perry What is infosec? Quite often a part of information risk management, Information Security (often shortened to ‘Infosec’) is the…

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