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“The key to good, frictionless, security is understanding the needs and the operations of the business to efficiently build controls around them. Security should be baked in, not sprayed on.” Senior Security Engineer – Dan Perry What is infosec? Quite often a part of information risk management, Information Security (often shortened to ‘Infosec’) is the…

The restrictions on travel, business operations, and occupancy management within Europe have differed by country, here we take a look at some of the different approaches taken by individual European countries. Portugal Like many countries around the world, Portugal has had to react cautiously in combating new waves and outbreaks. On January 15th the Portuguese…

Almost a year on the Covid-19 pandemic is still causing issues for governments trying to deal with different waves and outbreaks. In this blog, we will focus on the current rules and regulations for venue gatherings in the UK. Occupancy Rules In: England During the latter half of February 2021 the UK government unveiled plans…

The Covid pandemic has forced governments across the globe to deal with various waves and strains of Covid19 very differently. Advice from WHO (The World Health Organisation) regarding personal safety was to wear a face mask in public and to maintain a safe distance from anyone around us. But as many governments haven’t dealt with…

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