Category: Marketing

The SaaS landscape can be a complex place for marketers to navigate, that’s why we have put some ideas together to help you with SaaS marketing.  How is SaaS marketing different?  Unlike marketing a physical product, such as a car or watch, SaaS marketing can be difficult as you’re selling something that’s intagangable, people can’t…

A new era for data handling? Over the past few years, the combination of ‘IoT’ devices & AI / Machine Learning has been used to collect huge amounts of big data. Companies from the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Solution) & PaaS (Platform as a Solution) markets are continually releasing new products to meet client needs. …

A quick summary of IoT – The “Internet Of Things” The “Internet of Things” was coined by British technology pioneer, Kevin Ashton in 1999, defining it as a system in which the internet is connected to the physical world by utilising sensors and RFID tags. You can visualise the ‘IoT’ as being made up of…

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