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indoor location services - indoor location technologies - indoor location based services

Indoor location services allow for the tracking of people and objects within a set space through the combination of hardware and software technologies. This is often done to understand the movement of people and reduce the loss of revenue from lost or stolen assets. The Indoor Location Services market as defined by Gartner – “……

marketing automation software can improve retail experiences header

In an age where customers are becoming more and more discerning with every purchase, you’ve got to make sure that your store doesn’t just offer a ho-hum shopping experience. In this article, we will talk about how marketing automation can help elevate your brand’s retail experience. But first, a little background on the term itself….

Christmas in July

Are you starting to think about your plans for the upcoming holiday season?  Many other retailers are. A bumper 2021 holiday season?  The 2020 holiday season was like none that we’ve ever experienced before. Rather than the hustle and bustle of visiting physical stores, we were all forced to limit our holiday shopping to mainly…


Technology has been used as a tool that aids and improves performance in the retail industry for a large amount of time now but the COVID-19 outbreak has prompted retail stores globally to look for technology to help them improve safety as well as operations. The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the focus towards keeping visitors…


The queue, or line if you are over the pond, has a long history. The first format of it was from the 19th century with the industrial revolution as more people gravitated to cities in the UK. Unsurprisingly, having invented it, Britain is world-famous for our orderly queues. There is however a misconception that Brits…

Travel safe

I’ve written quite a lot recently about how consumer sentiment towards safety and risk has changed more in the past 9 months than it has for the majority of my life. Until recently safety was a given. If you visited a shop or a restaurant you expected to be safe. No one was banging on…

COVID-19 has highlighted the delicate balance between protecting staff, visitors, and guests by minimizing risk and ensuring operations remain efficient. Companies that fail to prioritize visitor safety may be sued for alleged failure to protect workers and visitors from coronavirus. A report by Bloomberg markets states;  “Hospitals, restaurants, stores, nursing homes, and hotels may face…

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on Monday 25th May that non-essential retailers will be allowed to reopen their doors on 15th June and urged shoppers to go out and spend to help revive the British economy. It’s great news for all of us as a sense of normality starts to return and on…

Retail footfall surges as lockdown restrictions are eased: an analysis based on more than 50,000 venues across 120 countries. As different regions and countries across the world begin to ease lockdown restrictions, Purple’s Global Footfall Trends tool is allowing us to see what impact these measures are having on the footfall across industries.  Early results…


As a business owner, professional or marketer you understand the importance of engaging with your target audience. Connecting with customers has always been essential to the growth and development of a business/brand, but in the age of social media and instant gratification, it’s more now more important than ever. Just sending the odd e-shot or…


WiFi data and analytics have been around for several years, but it’s only in the past couple of years that businesses have started to utilize their potential for improving their guest experience, staff efficiencies and increase the return rate of their customers.  What is WiFi data and analytics? WiFi analytics is the process of gathering…

Parque Arauco improve the in-store experience with WiFi analytics

Parque Arauco, one of the largest shopping mall operators in South America, have partnered with Purple to install an advanced guest WiFi network in a number of shopping centers across Chile, Peru and Columbia. The new network allows Parque Arauco to deliver an exceptional guest WiFi experience with custom splash screens and social login, whilst…

Farmacorp Digital partner with Purple WiFi

Farmacorp, Bolivia’s largest pharmaceutical chain, have signed a one-year WiFi analytics and customer engagement renewal with InCloud IT and Purple. The WiFi solution, which is present in over 60 pharmacy’s across Bolivia – soon to be 130+ following scheduled expansion – offers customers a secure, high-speed guest WiFi connection with a simple and customized access…

Leading real estate company partner with Purple and Coverage Points

Leading commercial real estate company, Alandalus Property, have partnered with Coverage Points and Purple to install an advanced WiFi network at two of their popular shopping destinations in Saudi Arabia. The 3-year deal will see Alandalus Property fund the provision of a Purple-powered guest WiFi and analytics solution at both Hayat Mall and Alandalus Mall….

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