Complit Networks is set to wave the flag for Purple in Belgium

Complit Networks is set to wave the flag for Purple in Belgium
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, is pleased to announce that Complit Networks, based in Belgium, is set to sell its solution to European brands as a newly Certified Partner.

Complit Networks works with Aerohive, a leading WiFi hardware manufacturer, and will deliver Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution to businesses located in Belgium and the Netherlands, focusing on the retail, hospitality and events sectors. The firm recognises that the product has a lot of features that are well suited to these industries, including customer analytics, CRM, marketing tools and Purple’s new TripAdvisor connector.

Initially the business worked with Cloud4Wi, a competitor of Purple’s, but sought an alternative WiFi and analytics provider having experienced problems around the steadiness of the product and quality of support available. Following a full demonstration, Complit Networks was convinced that Purple’s broad range of functions and features would appeal to their target clientele.

Jonas Dekkers, CEO of Complit Networks, said: “We were looking for a suitable solution that offers more than just a professional WiFi network. Purple adds value to WiFi. Customers can not only offer a great WiFi solution but they also get insights into their customer profiles and are able to customize their marketing actions, which in turn achieves better social reach plus an increase in engagement, revenue and loyalty.”

By using Purple, venues and businesses can learn more about their location and customer base, and equip them to take action through relevant engagement, including promotions and real time information sharing. Businesses have achieved significant ROI with Purple, from increasing their CRM database fourfold, to growing their Facebook interaction by over 52%.

Complit Networks recently launched a brand-new website,, to showcase the product online. The firm also plans to start distributing direct emails to generate leads and launch their social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

As a Purple Certified Partner, Complit Networks will have access to detailed online training, technical support, unlimited NFR licenses and preferential lead allocation, enabling them to sell Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution to the best of their ability.

Commenting on the certified partnership, CEO of Purple, Gavin Wheeldon, comments: “As we increase Purple’s presence across Europe it is great to welcome on board such passionate partners like Complit Networks. The firm understands the value of WiFi analytics and marketing, particularly in their key sectors, and are already looking at ways to bring new business on board. I look forward to seeing what will evolve from this new partnership.”

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