Consumer attitudes & behaviour towards brands using social media

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I recently read an article about the impact a brands social media activity can have on consumer attitudes, and I found it reinforced my view of how Purple WiFi can be used by brands to organically support their social media strategy: WiFi Hotspot Sponsorship.

The UK Internet Advertising Bureau recently published the results of a study which investigated the impact of a brands social media activity and how this affects customer’s attitudes and behaviour towards them.

Three FMCG brands, each with different social media strategies; Heinz, Kettle and Twinings took part in the research and each saw on average a 19% uplift in sentiment towards their brand.

The study found that social media is positively effective in shifting likelihood to recommend the brand to others, to trial new products and to stay loyal to the brand – with one off buyers turning into repeat purchasers. For the three brands analysed, every £1 spent on social media saw a return on investment of £3.34 in repeat sales.

Kristin Brewe, chair of the IAB’s Social Media Council, says: “When you think of the fact that FMCG is a category with low price points and tight margins, it’s kind of mind-blowing to speculate what the return on investment could be for social and luxury goods, as an example.”

She adds: “It’s quite simple: showcase what people love about you. Provide a platform where they can also share what they love about you”.

Directing traffic to your social media pages is straight forward with Social WiFi and it provides any easy access platform for people who are keen to share their experience of your brand, with a click through experience which will take them to your Facebook or Twitter page.

People expect free WiFi these days, whether it’s in a bar, restaurant, gym or hair & beauty salon. Wherever there is dwell time, people turn to their smartphones and social media. Social WiFi creates a simple link between their activity and your brand.

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