Creating a safe and contactless office space for your staff and visitors

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Ensure your business is on the right path for moving into a more controlled and contactless world.

Coronavirus has become apart of life now and will be for the foreseeable future, with this comes a totally different way of even the simplest things, such as heading into the office for a days work.

As a business owner, you have the added pressure of ensuring not just your own personal safety but for those of all your employees, if you want to open back up your office. 

The key to this is ensuring that everything you do, where possible, is contactless as this is the most effective way of minimizing risk and the best way of doing this is through smart devices, WiFi

How businesses can utilize Purples wayfinding and analytics solutions in an office environment? 

  • Office visitors 
  • Contactless sign-in
  • Employee orientation
  • Use WiFi analytics to create safe workspaces 
  • Employee social distancing 
  • Improve office health and safety
  • Real-time office information/warnings
  • Maintain high standards of cleanliness

How Purple can help

Office Visitors

Ensure visitors are assisted from the moment they receive their invitation. Send out instructions with a link for wifi connectivity and attach a Wayfinding application link to direct them from door-step to your venue.  

Contactless sign-in for visitors, new starters, and job interviews.

Reduce the need for human contact and prompt visitors to sign in and agree to visitor T&Cs using WiFi or navigation app pop-up. Users will be notified of the arrival of the guest via email/SMS or in the employee app. Use the employee application for turn by turn navigation to your guest.

Employee orientation

Ensure that new starters aren’t left confused by the sometimes complexity of the modern office space with the use of Purples Wayfinding application. Pre-load with navigation instructions for set departments and managers to improve efficiency and reduce the need for human interaction when it comes to guidance. 

Using WiFi analytics to create safe workspaces

Create a safe hot-desking area with 6 feet around the space, this can be based on presence data, and whilst using clear ‘sneeze guards’.  The employee hot desk recommendation will change the day based on location and the presence of others.

Once a deskspace has been used for the agreed time, they receive a notification asking them to use the cleaning wipes to clean the area upon departure.  As another employee is guided to a workspace, they are warned that it was used within 3 hours and recommended to clean before use.

Employee social distancing

Office managers can review their social responsibility dashboard to gain insight into employee safety and productivity for the day.  This shows the total no. employees in the office, meeting discipline, distancing, and even results on emergency fire drills.  If any safety measures are broken during the day, notifications will be sent to the team automatically.

Improve office health and safety

Application Safety features enable venues to send out automated instructions to users (accompanied by the fire alarm system) directing them, turn-by-turn to their nearest exit, taking away additional stress to the user.

In other evacuation procedures, certain entrances, exits, and elevators could be blocked off on the Wayfinding application to control the flow of traffic coming out from a building, or the opposite.

Real-time information and warnings

Promote your office’s latest canteen vouchers offers or upcoming events, as well as send out high priority alerts and safety notifications automatically and concurrently. Notifications can be sent via SMS, email, or employee app. 

Maintain high standards of cleanliness

In the evening, cleaning staff can be provided with Wayfinding directions to ensure that the entire office is cleaned efficiently with no areas missed and that they avoid any employees or other cleaners who may be on-site, based on presence or location data.

Employees can provide cleanliness scores to key areas (bathrooms, cafeteria, gym etc…) through the app notifications as they leave those locations.

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