Euclid WiFi Analytics raises $17.3M

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I knew 2013 was going to be an exciting year for the WiFi industry and this certainly rubber stamps that thought process, this is particularly important news for those like us that add value to the WiFi equipment vendors. In a doff of the cap to the equipment move to the cloud, Cisco’s purchase of Meraki for $1.2Bn late last year is another strong indicator of the value in our industry.

The offline bricks and mortar analytics have been pretty much none existent to date, whilst their cousins in online have been spoilt with a plethora of intelligence which has allowed them to tweak and refine every element of their offering to suit the needs of the consumer.

Like ourselves Euclid spotted the need to bring a Google Analytics style of reporting to the offline world and equip people with some of that same, rich intelligence about shopper behaviour, such as recency and frequency of visits, bounce rates – all the things if you’ve used web analytics you’ll be very familiar with. What we are also able to do is add another layer of information about demographics, location, browsing habits, etc, as we also provide the guest WiFi elements through Social WiFi.

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