Feature announcement: The Salesforce Connector is Here

Feature announcement: The Salesforce Connector is Here|SalesForce-Connector-Blog||||||
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Following our  Micro Surveys feature release, we are pleased to announce that we have integrated another new feature into the Purple Portal – say hello to the Salesforce Connector! The Salesforce Connector allows you to match your Portal visitor records against your Salesforce data, giving you an enhanced understanding of who is coming into your venues.

Connection Options 

Integrating your Salesforce data and your purple portal is simple: you can push data from the Purple Portal into your Salesforce account, or you can choose to do both simultaneously.

Create Rules to Match your Data

We know that different businesses have access to different data and that they value different information. That’s why we’ve allowed you to set up conditional rules in the Salesforce Connector. By creating customized rules, you can accurately match your Salesforce data with your portal visitor records. For example, if you prefer to match customers based on  their email address, you can create a rule to only pull in a customer’s Salesforce data if it is the same as the email registered in your Purple Portal. By doing this, you can trust that the data you match is accurate, while ensuring that you have a fully comprehensive customer profile.

Enhanced Visitor Profiles

Once a visitor record from your portal is matched with the corresponding Salesforce data, you can view collated data within the visitor’s profile. This will show the individual’s place of work, job title, business direct line, business mobile, and business email. Not only does this allow you to truly understand your customers, but with access to such comprehensive contact data, there’s big potential for identifying new and valuable business partners too.

The Salesforce Connector In Action

Once you’ve merged your Salesforce data with your Purple Portal, you’ll be able to access a wealth of actionable customer analytics and data . Here are some examples of how the Salesforce Connector can boost your business and improve your customers’ experience:

You Can Reach Out to VIP Guests: With the help of the Salesforce connector, you’ll know when the CEO of your potential partner company walks in. From there, you can ensure that your VIP guest receives an enhanced service from your venue and staff, leaving them with a positive impression of you and your business.

You Can Provide a Tailored Experience: With access to your guests’ personal and professional profiles, you can easily identify what their needs are. So when multiple guests from the same company enter your venue, you can advertise your best group offers (ie. hotels can promote deals that are within their restaurant or spa), allowing them to get the most out of your amenities.

You Will Better Understand Your Business: Having a database of comprehensive customer profiles means you gather valuable analytics around exactly what type of customers you attract. You can then use that information to create effective, hyper-relevant marketing campaigns to drive revenue and satisfy your target demographic.

You’ll Stay Organised: Merging your Salesforce and portal data is also great for organisational reasons – rather than cross referencing two databases when an opportunity arises, you can rest assured that all essential customer data can be quickly and easily accessed from your Purple Portal.

How Do I Get Started?

Want to get started with the Salesforce Connector? If you have an Enhanced License, you can easily find it by navigating through your portal to ‘Management,’ followed by ‘Connectors’. 

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