Guest hotspot software, Purple WiFi, now available in Canada

Guest hotspot software
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Ingenious Media Inc. has signed an agreement with social WiFi provider, Purple WiFi, which will see the addition of cloud-based guest Social WiFi and location analytics solutions to its portfolio of products and services.

Purple WiFi provides businesses with secure and legally compliant enterprise guest WiFi while delivering rich analytical information about the guests including their age, their gender, how often they visit and how long they stay online at the venue. The guests log into the secure hotspot system using social media authentication, such as Facebook or Twitter, or simply via a short form. This in turn generates valuable data for the business and an engagement tool to promote relevant offers to the WiFi users and their wider social community, both on the premises and after they leave.

Purple WiFi’s innovation helps businesses drive more sales by utilizing their WiFi. A seamless social media login, e-shots and advertising opportunities help businesses to promote their brand. Real-time analytics give venues deep insights into customer behaviour and allows them to make better business decisions. The provision of free guest WiFi demanded by guests and customers adds value to the services and products establishments offer, improves awareness and enhances the customer experience.

The option for social login increases Likes and Follows which ultimately boosts the brand’s presence in the community. Access to the Purple Portal also means that businesses can understand the impact of interactions with fans on social networks.

The content is filtered and therefore family-friendly, making it appropriate for everything from coffee shops to gyms, health care settings to hotels, retail to universities and community centres.

Bob Shea of Ingenious Media states “We are thrilled to be partnering with Purple WiFi to introduce this unique and innovative service to our existing clients and to all other business in Canada. In today’s market with customers demanding free WiFi as a matter of course, this product is an absolute must for any corporate, retail or service environment. It’s a natural extension of the many marketing products and services we offer to now capture the social media realm. We truly are Enhancing Inspired Communications Between Businesses and Customers!”

For further information about Ingenious Media Inc and its new offering of Purple WiFi, please contact Sales at (289) 803-2611 or visit us at

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