Guests stay connected at Guernsey’s Fermain Valley Hotel

Guests stay connected at Guernsey’s Fermain Valley Hotel|Fermain-Valley-Hotel
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The Fermain Valley Hotel needed a WiFi solution capable of meeting the rising demand for safe, secure, 24/7 internet access, particularly for business and leisure guests who arrive with multiple devices.

The hotel has recently undergone a complete WiFi upgrade, installed by Resolution IT. The WiFi solution utilises multiple VDSL Super-Fast Broadband Technology coupled with state of the art Cisco Meraki WiFi access points. The technology has been installed across the whole estate, encompassing the two hotel buildings, the conference venue and the two restaurants.

Pierre Jehan, Client Services Manager at Resolution IT told us: “Fermain Valley have listened to their clients about the need for a fast and robust WiFi service and invested in a solution that would be difficult to beat in the Channel Islands”.

A first class hotel

The Fermain Valley Hotel is a 4 star boutique hotel offering a real sense of luxury to its guests. The hotel boasts fantastic facilities, stunning island views and an enchanting atmosphere to accompany the spectacular food and superb service. Located just outside of Guernsey’s capital, St Peter Port, Fermain Valley is perfectly situated for business or pleasure and is only a short journey from the island’s airport and harbour.

The Fermain Valley Hotel is one of Guernsey’s best rated hotels. The hotel has 45 luxurious bedrooms, which feature stylish decor influenced by the natural beauty of the Valley. Guests can also enjoy a private cinema and exceptionally good hospitality.

A WiFi solution fit for the Fermain Hotel guests

A recent refurbishment had to include an update of the WiFi system to enhance the guest experience in the hotel. Guests arrive expecting a luxurious and stress free break and the hotel is proud to deliver this in all aspects of their stay. Fast, free WiFi is one of the top requirements for hotel guests and the Fermain Valley Hotel wished to get this exactly right for their visitors.

How did Resolution IT make it possible?

The hotel needed a complete WiFi overhaul to be able to cope with the demands of visitors and guests who often use more than one mobile device. As this was a large estate, the project needed careful planning. Resolution IT carried out a conclusive WiFi survey and a test of dual high speed broadband lines. They installed guest WiFi with Cisco Meraki access points across the five venues: The Rock Garden Steakhouse and Ocean restaurants, the two hotel buildings and the conference venue. The task was to provide excellent coverage with equally good speed.

Why Purple WiFi?

Purple WiFi was recommended by Resolution IT. In addition, Purple WiFi was fully endorsed by the Fermain Valley Hotel’s sister company BlueIslands, who also use this management tool to collect guest information. The marketing opportunities provided by Purple WiFi’s social log in technology were seen as highly valuable. The ability to collect guest profile information enables the hotel to match segmented audiences to targeted marketing campaigns.

The result of the installation

Guests have been very satisfied with the increased WiFi coverage and connectivity. The hotel endeavours to provide their users with regular updates, news and the latest offers. Delivering this information via WiFi dramatically improves the guest experience and makes repeat visits more likely.

The social login process also means that the hotel can boost engagement, likes and follows on their social media accounts.

Timothy Coates (Commercial Director), at The Fermain Valley Hotel, said: “The key criteria cited from the hotel’s guest research, as to which facility is a prerequisite to improve their stay experience, was a fast, secure and complete WiFi solution. We listened to our guest’s comments and sought the recommended and professional services of Resolution IT. They performed a site review and formulated a robust solution that would fulfil our leisure and business user requirements. For both audiences, the requirement for access to secure, complete and fast WiFi has become the expected traveller essential; whether it be to research local Island information, communicate with friends or loved ones, or to deliver a crucial business document on time. Our reliance on internet access has, as a tool, escalated.

He continued: “Purple WiFi from a marketing perspective is a superb tool. It enables us to capture key guest information, from which we are able to profile guests into distinct segments for specific marketing campaigns. We are certain the investment in Purple WiFi as a marketing device will be extremely valuable one and yield great rewards to our guests and the business in the future”.

The result is that The Fermain Valley Hotel now has secure, reliable and fast WiFi for their guests, visitors and business clientele.

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