How important is WiFi in daily life?

How important is WiFi in daily life?
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If you were asked to rate the following in order of things you wouldn’t be able to live without, where do you think internet/ WiFi would be placed?

  • Family / Friends
  • Coffee and tea
  • Laptop / tablet
  • Bath / shower
  • Car
  • Pet
  • TV
  • Mobile phone
  • Chocolate

You might be surprised to find that it was actually found to be the absolute top of the list in a survey carried out by Direct Line by Opinium Research online.

We aren’t surprised at all!  

We have found lots of evidence that the internet and WiFi access are considered highly important to us today and are completely essential to our day to day living.

Whereas we may be able to take a break or two from our family and friends, our chocolate fixes (and even a bath or shower!), we can’t, it seems, take such a break from our obsession with access to the online world.  Whether it be for social contact (from a safe distance), to check our emails, to Google information on anything and everything, or for the up to date world news as it happens.

The researchers, who asked a fair sample size of over two thousand people in the UK, found that just under half, 48%, said they could comfortably go longer without seeing their family than using the internet. 12% reported that they would rather forego food for longer than they could forego logging on to social media sites.

Further proof that technology dominates daily life for Britons

Katie Lomas, Head of Direct Line Home Insurance said: “For the average person, technology now dominates their list of essential daily comforts, perhaps because we are so reliant upon these items and enjoy the luxury of being connected.”

Why don’t you have a go right now?  See how long it is before you reach out to your phone or laptop for your internet hit and let us know how you get on. We tried this out at Purple Towers and we are ashamed to say, we didn’t last 5 minutes!

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Source: Direct Line by Opinium Research

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