How indoor maps do more than guide people

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The importance of place and proximity for people when traveling indoors.

In the era of constant connection, we’re used to getting information at the push of a button. Instant updates from friends and family, online ordering, same-day deliveries, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft…the list goes on.  Essentially, technology has made life easier, especially when it comes to getting where we need to go.  GPS services like Waze have made printed maps obsolete because we no longer have to think about where we’re headed…until we go indoors.

What if we said you could give your visitors a better experience? More so, what if we told you that you could bring people together and build stronger, more connected communities? People want to be connected and in-the-know and one of the foundational elements of doing so is understanding place, position, and proximity. Indoor location platforms which include indoor maps, Wayfinding software, and indoor positioning technology (IPS) can help you do just that.  And, the truth is, it’s not that difficult to implement.  

Why Indoor Maps Make Your Communities Stronger

Indoor maps are a useful tool, but how do they make communities stronger? 

Most importantly, indoor maps bring people together both literally and figuratively. At the core of these systems are digital maps and routing software that help people travel to and from landmarks within an indoor space.  Not only can you experience the physical elements of space (see, touch, sound, and smell), digital systems augment the experience, so it’s more personalized.

Another component of these systems is the data. With data, comes responsibility. Organizations collect anonymous data about how people interact with their space. This data helps them create even more personalized experiences, but also allows them to make informed decisions once they see how people move within their environments.

Building intelligent spaces requires integration. How can the best-of-breed systems work together to deliver the most powerful insights and features? Well, indoor maps are at the core of any location-based system, because no matter what you’re talking about…asset tracking, smart lighting, space occupancy…you need a map and technology that can provide routes. And when those elements come together, you have the ability to design a consumer experience that builds communities within the walls of your space.

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