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How long do you spend reading T&Cs
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How long do you spend reading T&Cs?

Global business analytics provider, Purple WiFi, has released findings from a study into user attitudes towards their data. With access to the behavior of over 110 million users globally, Purple are well-placed to present accurate and comprehensive results.

Purple were able to show that, despite amending their own privacy documents to make them easier to understand and a current worldwide focus on data protection, the vast majority of WiFi users don’t look into how their data will be used.

Purple began by analyzing the number of users that connected to their WiFi over a 12 month period. It was found that over 50 million users had logged into Purple’s platform globally, but only 0.25% then went on to log into their ‘Personal Privacy Profile’.

The enforcement of GDPR last year in Europe again did little in way of changing user behavior. In the last 12 months, only 0.43% of users logged into their ‘Personal Privacy Profile’ across this region.

Such is their global reach; Purple were also able to aggregate their findings by country and reveal which countries are the most ambivalent towards small print. Below is a league table showing how long various nationalities, would on average spend reading the T&Cs during Purple’s WiFi login journey.


Small print skim readers’ league table


Average duration (seconds)

Croatia 4
Greece 5
Syria, Vietnam, Wales 6
Romania 7
Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia 8
UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Thailand, Galicia Region, Cambodia 9
Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria 10
Poland, Lithuania 12
Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Basque Region 13

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