The Internet of Things

Ask the experts: just how close is the Internet of Everything?
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Global shipments of WiFi enabled devices hit 1.9 billion in 2013. That’s a 19% increase over the prior year and puts the total number of WiFi enabled devices up to 4 billion – and this is expected to rise 7 billion by 2017, according to research by Strategy Analytics.

59% of these are mobiles and tablets, with a further 9% being laptops. That means a further 32% of all devices, over 600 million, will be fitted to other types of devices such as cameras, TV’s, speakers, smoke alarms and all sorts of other things.

The ‘Internet of Things’ is a hot topic right now, but it is often talked about as if it is some far off futuristic world where your washing machine will call out a service engineer by itself when it needs fixing. What about nappies or diapers with sensors that will tell you when the baby needs changing? The reality is, this is all available and do-able now.

Cars are almost entirely run by computers now. The next generation are all being fitted with WiFi, so when your next car parks up at home, it will check in with the manufacturer, sending any diagnostics through, so that any faults can be spotted early. You’ll also be able to download the latest TV shows for the kids to watch on screen, while in the car.

The Internet of Things will completely change the world and this is happening right now. Fast forward ever so slightly and this is what your day will look like. While you’re happily snoozing away, your smart phone will be checking the traffic to your appointment, it will find there has been an accident and it’s going to take you an extra 20 minutes so adjusts your alarm to make sure you’re not late. You’ll drive to your appointment in your up-to-date car with the latest software and you will be automatically directed directly to a car park where there is a space that is free.

Upon arriving, the building will already know that you’re there – open the door for you, notify your host you’ve arrived, switching on the lights for the meeting room. Your health monitoring system will have noticed your blood pressure has been raised of late and makes you an appointment for on the way home.

The examples are endless for how this will simplify our daily lives. For companies and governments, the data and potential that this will deliver are boundless.

Pretty much all of this will be powered by WiFi and platforms like Purple WiFi. We want to contribute the analytics and the intelligence to power this new revolution.

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