IQ WiFi to widen Purple’s footprint across MENA region

IQ WiFi to widen Purple’s footprint across MENA region
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, today announced that IQ WIFI has become Purple’s strategic distributor in the MENA Region, with exclusivity in key countries, to generate further business through the channel.

IQ WiFi, based in Dubai, originally became a partner back in 2015 having identified Purple as the clear market leader for WiFi analytics, particularly in terms of innovation and global market adoption. As a distributor in the region, the firm is now tasked with supporting Purple to make further headway in the MENA region by growing sales through its reseller base.

Ben Cheeseman, Founder of IQ WiFi, said: “We were immediately able to see that Purple’s technology is the future of public WiFi and the IOT integration of the new digital age. We were also able to personally relate to the technology, as every venue visited in today’s age has WiFi. However, it was surprising to learn that under 10% of these venues actually capture any form of WiFi analytics.”

Purple has already experienced success in the Middle East this year with the installation of its WiFi and analytics solution across all PizzaExpress UAE restaurants. IQ WiFi is a highly capable delivery partner for Purple having acquired a number of well-established customers in the leisure and hospitality sectors across the MENA region.

Over the forthcoming months, IQ WiFi will focus on building strong channel partnerships with leading systems integrators and the WiFi vendor ecosystem to help Purple acquire more business in the region. WiFi analytics is an emerging tool that has yet to mature in the MENA region and IQ WiFi is determined to grow its presence across all business sectors.

Ben added: “We see Purple as the means to convert WiFi from an IT department utility expense, to an asset and crucial marketing tool, providing intelligence and demographic insights, with a true return on investment in the real world.”

Discussing the closer partnership, Richard Roberts, Vice President EMEA for Purple, said: “IQ WiFi has been a valued partner of Purple for a number of years and are perfectly positioned to support our expansion in the MENA region. The team at IQ WiFi are passionate about increasing awareness of WiFi analytics and enabling those businesses who offer WiFi to turn their investments into revenue.”

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