5 ways to make effective use of LogicFlow

We’re delighted to officially unveil our brand-new LogicFlow feature which allows marketing teams to take customer engagement to a whole new level. It’s a simple to use drag and drop builder, that lets you set up complex, multi-staged marketing campaigns within minutes. With this enhanced feature, you can trigger an ‘action’, such as an e-Shot, SMS, splash page or website redirect and tailor it to a specific audience, based upon user behaviour, location, device or even the weather!

Sounds pretty useful huh? And you’ll be pleased to hear that the feature is simple to use and setup. Our development team has worked hard to ensure the design is simplistic, clear and logical. Its streamlined drag and drop design gives people from all departments the power to select and adopt actions to improve marketing communications and enhance the overall experience for customers.

So, you’ve probably got the basic gist of what LogicFlow is all about but what can you actually achieve with it and what ways can your business utilise LogicFlow and automated marketing? Well, to help answer this question we’ve compiled five key benefits of LogicFlow in relation to business efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Simple and Efficient

Developing and scheduling marketing campaigns is a time consuming and often tedious task for most marketing departments. However, with LogicFlow your marketing and communications are working even when you’re not, turning your lead and conversion generation into an automated production line. Through using automated communications you are freeing up the time of your marketing team to focus on alternative tasks, meaning less repetition and more creativity.

Guide and Assist 

With LogicFlow you can help customers get exactly what they want, just when they want it. For example, if the outside temperature exceeds 17 degrees then an SMS could be triggered promoting the new summer cocktail at your bar to females aged 21 and above, or if snow is forecast and a customer visits your store you could send all demographics an email advertising sledges and where to find them. This not only increases spend but can help customers find areas and products that they may already require and it prompts them to acknowledge their needs.

Promote Offers 

Make sure your customers are aware of nearby promotions that may be suited specifically to their age, interests and gender. Whether it be sending a text message to a female traveller aged 21 and above about the latest perfume offer whilst she browses the airport duty free, or promoting season ticket discounts to a football spectator an hour after the latest game ends, pushing out offers has never been easier thanks to LogicFlow.

Continuous Engagement

Never let a customer become disengaged again. With our marketing automation feature you can effectively interact with customers and deliver a constant flow of informative, engaging content. For example, as a hotelier you could use LogicFlow to ensure your guest receives a thank you email 24 hours after their visit, a text message about future bookings two weeks later and an email about your new on-site restaurant menu a month after their stay. This approach ensures customers are always in the know about your business and are receiving valuable information that could lead to future bookings. It will also help you to reduce the number of customer reservations made through external OTAs.

Rewards and Perks

Develop a personalised message or a voucher for a free cocktail which can be sent out whenever it is one of your customer’s birthdays. Alternatively, if a customer has visited your establishment more than a specified amount of times then you could redirect them to a special WiFi splash page where they can uncover offers that are exclusive to regular visitors. Not only will this make customers feel valued, but more often than not they’ll end up spending additional time and money at your venue and may be more likely to recommend your business to others.

Already thinking about the number of ways that your business could make effective use of LogicFlow? The feature is now live on the Purple Portal and ready for you to use. Not yet a Purple customer? No problem, sign up to a trial of our enhanced licence today to see how LogicFlow and Purple’s analytics data could transform your marketing and customer engagement.

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