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Caesars Entertainment UK is one of the most established and innovative operators in the casino industry, leading the way for over 40 years. It offers a diverse portfolio of entertainment, gaming, restaurants and bars at locations throughout the world, including the UK, South Africa, the Middle East and the US.

Caesars have partnered with Purple WiFi using TP-LINK equipment in order to implement guest WiFi in two of their high profile UK casinos, The Casino at The Empire in the heart of London’s bustling Leicester Square and Manchester235 in Manchester’s city centre.

Why Purple WiFi?

Caesars wanted a secure, guest WiFi solution in place that would allow them to connect in a more engaging way with their customers. They were keen to also ensure that they were operating at the cutting edge of the WiFi solutions out there.

Installing Purple WiFi meant that they could enhance customer experience by offering free WiFi in the venues plus ensure that existing customers could be easily connected and then contacted through social media. The casinos are benefitting from the opportunity to engage and interact with their customers immediately.


The TP-LINK dual band router, WDR3600, is an affordable, high power and feature rich solution that comes pre-configured with Purple WiFi’s technology, resulting in a cloud managed WiFi access point. Caesars liked the idea that TP-LINK could be used in this way and would allow them to monetise the use of their guest WiFi.

This gave Caesars peace of mind that in the cloud, TP-LINK could replicate what could be achieved with more expensive products. It also meant that they could configure, diagnose and troubleshoot remotely.

Caesars Entertainment UK says:

“Purple WiFi has been absolutely instrumental in ensuring that we are more connected with our customers using social media. Since we installed Purple WiFi a year ago, our Twitter following has increased by 2420 and our Facebook users by 6159.” Alysha Smith, Marketing Manager, Caesars Entertainment UK.

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