Opin Kerfi join Purple’s global partner network

Opin Kerfi join Purple's global network of partners
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Purple has formed a new technology partnership with Opin Kerfi, leading IT solutions and service partner, to provide businesses with in-depth data and analytics around their customers and physical spaces.

Opin Kerfi specialize in many fields of IT including hardware, infrastructure, networks, communications solutions, office solutions and software development. The business is also a HPC and Data Center service provider, serving large international customers.

Opin Kerfi operates both in the Icelandic and international market, and since inception in 1985, has consistently and successfully provided innovative and efficient services to its customers, focusing on consultation, integration, operations and solutions.

Trausti Eiríksson, Network Sales Manager at Opin Kerfi, said: “Purple offer a very versatile product – it can fit all types of businesses. The amount of data you can collect from a wireless network is quite amazing, and something which our customers are very interested in.”

“There is a huge demand for WiFi analytics in Iceland”, said Eiríksson. “Currently, no other WiFi provider offers such a solution. Couple this demand with our IT knowledge and business connections, and we are very confident we can make a real success of this partnership”.

Opin Kerfi are already working on a number of solutions for some of Iceland’s biggest retail brands involving the integration of Purple’s WiFi analytics software.

Eiríksson, said: “Through our partnership with Purple, we will assist these businesses in getting the data and information they need to make better business decisions.”

The various solutions will allow the businesses to offer a fast, seamless and secure WiFi connection for guests whilst also capturing key demographic and behavioral data such as name, contact, date of birth, footfall, frequency of visits and more, via a captive login portal and location analytics.

With the data, the businesses hope to build a better understanding of their current customer base and tailor their operational models to deliver an improved customer experience. They also aim to increase customer engagement and spend through sending real-time, personalized communications via email and SMS.

Kim Ritter, Partner Success Manager, North EMEA at Purple, said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Opin Kerfi to our preferred partner network. They have an excellent market presence and offer IT solutions superior to their competition.”

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